Discover Etobicoke's Newest Luxury Dining Experience!

By Filip Popovic
Aug 11th, 2023

Introducing ‘The Players Lounge’

In the pulsating heart of Etobicoke, where gourmet stories unfold at every corner, one narrative dares to redefine luxury.

Daniel De Sousa’s creation doesn’t just gleam; it dazzles, setting itself apart in the rich mosaic of the district’s dining scene.

Enter “The Players Lounge.”



De Sousa, hasn’t merely given his restaurant a facelift. He’s breathed life into it, making it more than just about exquisite dishes – it’s an all-encompassing journey. A sojourn into elegance. Into opulence.

At the epicenter of this culinary rebirth is “The Players Lounge” – twin havens of luxury, each accommodating 16 discerning guests. Crafted for connoisseurs, these lounges offer more than just tantalizing food; they epitomize luxury in every bite, every sip, every glance.


Picture this: A diverse list of world-class wines, mouthwatering steaks grilled to perfection, and a menu where every item narrates a tale of passion and finesse.

“The Players Lounge” is not just a spot to dine; it’s an odyssey. An intersection where grandeur meets gastronomy. Every nook, every recipe stands as a testament to De Sousa’s relentless pursuit of perfection.

This isn’t merely another dining space.
It’s Etobicoke’s crowning culinary jewel.