Fat Fork 1 Year Anniversary! How Are They So Popular?

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About Fat Fork

The newest and biggest Greek restaurant everyone is talking about in Mississauga / Etobicoke. After opening a year ago (Feb, 2023) at 2300 Dundas Street East. Fat Fork is now about to hit it’s 1 year anniversary and it’s had amazing growth and also has successful surpassed the “hype” that most restaurants have once they first open.

Owned, managed and operated by Nick and Gus Danicas, these brothers were apart of a popular restaurant for over 25 years. After learning the restaurant business and feeling they had an amazing opportunity after Mighty Duck closed down during Covid, once the lock-down was over, the brothers opened up their new restaurant together.

Currently their business is sitting at 4.7 Stars with 772 Google Reviews along with 4.7 Stars and 200 Uber Eats Reviews. The restaurant gets busiest on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. They are open from 7am – 12am and are very well known for their big portions. They’ve done plenty of marketing and advertising efforts to grow their brand and reach their level of success, and continue growing.

New Features and Services

FAT FORK Phone App

Available on the App Store and Google Play, they partnered with Technologies UEAT Inc.

FAT FORK Website Orders

Also partnering with Technoligies UEAT Inc. FatFork made it possibly to order and pick-up food through a secure portal on their website.

fat fork app


Nick and Gus are doing a strong push and really growing their brand. I’ll breakdown some of the methods they’re doing and it’s quite impressive. If they continue building their brand they’ll definitely be a big player and competition to other restaurants long-term.

Their main marketing push and what makes them unique is that they serve food from 7AM until 12AM, perfect for late night eats, along with their big portions of Greek food.

fat fork catering

Social Media

Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook

Their Instagram is doing very well compared to local restaurants. Sitting at 9,00 followers with an average of 100-200 likes, some posts reaching 600-1000+ likes. We’ve seen them spend some money on Instagram sponsored posts but aren’t sure the exact amounts.

Their Instagram content consists of mouth-watering photography of their big portioned meals, photos with celebrities, giveaways, skits with actors as cassandrarileylynn, cravethe6ix, content doing Q&As or vlogs with the Owners (Nick and Gus), and also doing videos with voice actors.

They also, have an external reach of food influencers across Mississauga and Toronto that take videos at their restaurant showcasing the food, atmosphere, etc.

fat fork skits on instagram with cassandrarileylynn

Fat Fork Branding

They’ve made a great effort of doing a lot of services through white-labelling and creating it as an in-house brand. As we’ve mentioned earlier they’ve white-labelled app, and online ordering through their website.

Merch is also a big player for them, once you walk into the restaurant and even outside you will see their brand colors BLACK AND YELLOW, with big bold letters FAT FORK with the F in FORK designed as a fork. Quite creative and very easy to remember, it also aligns with how one of their main advantages, big portion Greek meals. They even started offering an in-house freshly squeezed orange juice. The bottle branding also looks great with their logo because the juice color is yellow and the cap is black, some wonder if this may be the reason they chose freshly squeezed orange juice, or if it was a coincidence.

fat fork orange juice in house

The graphics around the restaurant are very powerful as well and helps with their consistent branding and catchy phrases such as “beast mode appetites only”, hinting at their big portions.

fat fork beast mode appetities

Sponsorships and Partners

They’ve sponsored the Awaracingteam and put their branding on one of the teams race car! This is great for them as many people go to the races and may see the branding, or across Instagram through their tagged photos!

fat fork sponsorship on awaracingteam

They also built a strong relationship with Z103.5, giving away $100 Gift Cards to Fat Fork on the radio station, offering catering to them, and other collaboartions.

fat fork and z103.5 $100 giveaway


Fat Fork’s rapid ascent in Mississauga and Etobicoke within just a year stands as a testament to their successful marketing and brand-building strategies. Nick and Gus Danicas strategically navigated the challenges of the pandemic, showcasing their commitment to innovation to the local restaurant standard through the Fat Fork App and online ordering system. Their strong branding efforts, including a vibrant social media presence and collaborations with influencers and community partners, have created a lasting identity. With a proactive marketing approach and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, Fat Fork has not only weathered the challenges but positioned itself for sustained success in the competitive culinary landscape. #fatfork

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