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Grappa Restaurant

Grappa restaurant was one of our early clients and we were able to accomplish a lot. We’ve revamped and built a new website for them, ran advertising on the website and their google maps location for fine dining in expensive areas across Etobicoke. We’ve also improved their google maps business and social media presence and professionalism through different photography and videography of clientele and the ambiance of the restaurant. 

NK Fine Siding

NK Fine Siding has been in the business for over 25 years and is well known across the regional municipality of waterloo. Together we’ve created a new website. The founder is scaling his crews and team, so we’ve also been running campaigns and advertising to sell jobs and ensure all of his employees are busy during this growth process.

Rhodium Demolition

Rhodium Demolition is a contractor in North York providing their services primarily in the heart of Toronto but also across the GTA. They came to us looking to upgrade their website so they can better showcase their portfolio, track their analytics, reach a wider audience and improve their professionalism. 

Bamboo Tattoo

We worked alongside Bamboo Tattoo and two of their sister companies, torontotattooremoval & thetattour. The goal was to create a strategy for day-to-day and production style high quality content for their social medias. We successful kept consistency and the videos were able to reach a larger new audience.

Soil Solutions Canada

We are still working on a big project for Soil Solutions Canada which consists of our media production team creating a documentary styled video for Quarter 1 in the new year.